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Voice Communication System

The proposed solution consists of the IP VCS 3020X in its latest release allowing to limit IP broadcast domains to a distinct amount of controller positions or interface gateways. Thereby a fault in the VCS network (i.e. “bubbling idiot” in the LAN) causing a broadcast storm only affects a small and well-defined portion of the network and consequently controller positions or interface gateways. All other network segments are totally unaffected and continue working with full performance. This feature is unique to the VCS 3020X and eliminates any single point of failure in the redundant VCS IP network resulting in the highest available safety of operations.

Thus, due to its flexible design, 7/24 continuous operation capability, redundancy, and conformity to the international standards; the system can be used for:

  • Air Traffic Management Operations (ACC or TWR)
  • Mobile AIR Traffic Control Towers
  • Remote Tower Applications
  • Unnamed Aircraft System (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Communication Systems


The VCS 3020X IP system does not compromise well established quality and safety levels by using the lowest internal voice and signaling delay times available on the market in a VoIP communication system.

The VCS 3020X complies with EUROCAE ED153 SWAL 3 for software assurance and with ED-137B interface standards for VoIP in ATC.

Modern VoIP telephone and radio communication in combination with mature and feature rich legacy telephone and radio interfaces efficiently implement the technical needs of air control systems.

Scalable IP VCS provides a wide range of mature ATC functions created by more than 100 operational systems all over the world. The same software is used for small towers, as well as for large ACCs, being deployed either as a standalone system or within a multinational cross ANSP configuration. The configuration flexibility of the system allows matching your requirements efficiently.

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