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Network Management as a Service (NMaaS)

In Harmony we understand that the cost and complexity of developing, managing and integrating in-house network management may be to exhausting and frustrating for most of companies and institution. Thus, NMaaS aims to support our customers to provide an effective, efficient network and service management platform.

Our values and priorities are safety and quality, advanced technologies and talent acquisition

NMaaS includes three key aspects:

  • Providing, managing and maintaining the infrastructure of the NMaaS service portal and selected tools
  • Supporting users in using the system and the selected tools for monitoring their networks via NMaaS
  • Supporting users that contribute their software to NMaaS system

The Solutions

In the 21st century globalization and rapid development of technologies applies higher demands and challenges in front of airports and aviation sector itself. Based on our experience Harmony identifies among number of its solutions those that are the most valuable and will not keep you waiting for the results long.

NMaaS is designed for those who wants to:

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