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Air Traffic Management Network Solution

VCX-IP is the one-box solution to protect your investment in legacy equipment while providing a stepwise migration path to the future standard of Voice over IP in Air Traffic Control (ATC) for voice and data services.

Current trends in the telecommunications and ATC industries change the way in which ATC and Defense sites are connected. The migration to IP-based backbone networks increases flexibility but introduces non-determinism with respect to end-to-end delay.

Harmony supports the whole way of your migration to IP-based backbones with our extensive domain know-how, extensive project management experience, and the best of breed products on the market to satisfy your needs

VCX-IP provides stepwise migration solution for legacy networks to IP-networks tailored to ATM by fulfilling EUROCAE WG67.

The system is fully redundant, fault tolerant and stable, designed to run for 24/7/365 (366).

Unlike a typical enterprise network, VCX-IP is a strong complex solution that allows to achieve at once:

  • Increased availability
  • Brown-out detection
  • Path diversity
  • Deterministic routing
  • Defined competition
  • Compliance with international rules and regulations for the ATM domain
  • Pre-integration with network management components
Features & Benefits of

our solutions

Our wide range of Air Traffic Management Services facilitate Efficient, Safe, Secure, and Responsible Operations for the Aviation industry. Our solutions and products comply with international standards.

reduces future investments

save resouces

The solutions are ensuring your interoperability with other equipment at any point in time, which saves investment costs for the client.

Enhanced ATM based functionalities

Advance tech

It will provide the best radio networking performance through dynamic delay compensation, which is fundamental for echo-free voice communication.

Lowest possible bandwidth costs

save costs

Safe air traffic operations are our biggest concern. With our offers and solutions, you can benefit from a huge effect on bandwidth savings.

Multilevel redundancy concept

increase security

We support our client in achieving safe air travel by providing a full end-to-end redundant solution performing to the highest ATM standards on reliability and availability.

You deserve

to be safe and secure

Safeguarding and security require a network solution that is ready to face the challenges of a modern air traffic management network.
By understanding clients’ needs, Harmony provides the opportunity by innovative solutions to help maintain the highest level of safety while scaling capacity and improving cost competitiveness.

Our goal
To provide innovative solutions for air traffic management incorporating advanced technologies.
Our value
Thorough understanding of the specific needs of telecommunication organizations and air navigation service providers.
Our service quality
Comprehensive experience that adds value, high system quality, safe and flexible system operation for customers.
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